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What is the Controversy around Antpool? What to Look for in a Bitcoin Gold Mining Pool Weve been over many of these features to look for in a mining pool before as theyre pretty standard. It is also..
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2009 zum Beispiel lag die entsprechende Einsat" schon bei rund 70 Prozent, meldet der bvse. Denn beide Seiten hatten das Papier wie selbstverständlich für sich beansprucht. Mit einem umfassenden Angebot an Wertstoffen, welche die Kunden abgeben können..
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However, its a promising (and relevant) solution aiming to solve for some of human rights most vulnerable areas: corruption, financial inequality, and access to information. Recently bitcoin seems to have assumed the role of investment asset, as traders..
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Litecoin blockchain info

litecoin blockchain info

of coins, different hashing algorithm, and a slightly modified graphic user interface). Per hour 907 Litecoins sent last 24h 4,378,328 LTC (257,608,881 USD).17 market cap Litecoins sent avg. Litecoin is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency and open source software project. Litecoin ) 3,593,296,729 USD, litecoin, price litecoin price history charts) 1 LTC.84 USD ( 05:28:09 UTC) hitbtc:.86 USD ( 05:27:58 UTC) bitfinex:.4 USD ( 05:30:02 UTC) simex:.46 USD ( 05:30:03 UTC) gdax:.47 USD ( 05:29:17 UTC) bitstamp:.5 USD (. Inspired by and technically nearly identical to bitcoin (BTC Litecoin s creation and transfer is based on an open source protocol and is not managed by any central authority. 24,725 transactions, on-chain volume: 3,851,374 LTC. Transaction Fee.0007 LTC (0.041 USD) Median Transaction Fee.00023 LTC (0.013 USD) Litecoin Fee Histogram last 24h Block Time (average time between blocks) 2m 22s Blocks Count 1,602,948 ( 05:29:12 UTC) Block Size.683 KBytes Blocks last 24h 610 Blocks avg. Per hour (last 24h) 182,430 LTC (10,733,703 USD) Avg.

Height Age Transactions Total Sent Total Fees.
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Useful links: Over the last 30 days: Explore all 32,190,001 transactions, blockchain stats: bitcoin transaktion wiedersprechen 1,599,982 blocks 32,190,001 transactions 112,261,119 outputs, circulation: 60,997,596 LTC. Difficulty: 9,440,722, blockchain size:.69 GB 24h stats: 588 blocks, avg. Per hour (last 24h) 25 Reward Per Block 250.02242 LTC (1,472.25 USD) Reward (last 24h) 15,25013.68 LTC (898,073.19 USD) Difficulty 9,568,261.56 in 24 hours Hashrate 283.254 Thash/s.63 in 24 hours Litecoin Mining Profitability.1706 USD/Day for 1 GHash/s Top 100 Richest 25,128,801 LTC. Coindays destroyed (millions) by day (last 3 mos.). Mempool stats: Network stats: Latest block: #1599981, best block hash: best block time: 06:53 1,813 network nodes, market data: Price:.8990, market cap:.65B. Created on October 7, 2011 by Charlie Lee, a former Google employee. Block size by days and hours (last 3 mos.). Hashrate distribution (last 2 weeks segWit usage (last 3 months useful links: Over the last 30 days: Explore all 1,599,982 blocks. Kraken:.47 USD ( 05:30:02 UTC) gemini:.56 USD ( 05:30:03 UTC) exmo:.54 USD ( 05:30:03 UTC) livecoin:.3 USD ( 05:30:03 UTC) bittrex:.63 USD ( 05:29:58 UTC) :.1 USD ( 05:30:02 UTC) yobit:.91 USD ( 02:21:34 UTC) bitbay:.12 USD. Transaction Value 201.21 LTC (11,839 USD) Median Transaction Value.79 LTC (105.2 USD) Avg. Market Capitalization (market value of all currently existing.